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Agents Wanted Agents Wanted

First, the General
To improve and expand our market share, give full play to the relationship between sales, and so that rule
Accordance with the requirements of specification-based company market behavior are formulated as follows:
Second, the scope
Sales agent who handled Xiaogan Knopp Electronic Technology Co., organizations and individuals are suitable for this approach.
Three. Proxying
1 the regional agency (designated area range).
2 special agent (or class of agents in the project agent-based product).
3 the other two sides agreed the matter and manner of agents.
Fourth, the qualification and permissions
1 the marketing agency responsible for the centralized management center, the agent's qualifications to conduct a preliminary review, and review
  The results reported agent approach and other related information, general manager for approval.
2 based on relevant data and preliminary findings confirm the final approval of the agents.
Fifth, qualification content
(1) Agent authenticity and legality review. Inspection of industrial and commercial business license, ID card, to confirm resident address, etc.
(2) party credit agency credit rating with the review, results of operations, financial condition (financial statements), the credibility of the situation.
(3) engage in proxy class or product management, relationships, activities and research capacity situation.
(4) Other direct or indirect review of the relevant content.
(5) The qualification should be unified filing, archiving personnel management.
Sixth, the principal-agent composition and management of documents
(1) agency agreement (specifying the responsibilities, rights and norms, the scope of agency, obligation, liability
Responsibility, honor, etc.).
(2) granting agency or business area.
(3) monitor the compliance behavior, and the timely submission of individual loans or illegal agents of the company's reputation
Early warning alert, and report the General Manager prepare prevention funds, risk avoidance measures.
(4) agents commission agency agreement by the Company by separate settlement and approval.
(5) prohibited the office, or leave people free to determine the marketing agents with offices in the region, if the issues work
Do need to process individual agents, they should be procedures for approval and strict qualification, be careful to ensure that
Payment of the security company's assets.
(6) in the same area, if the sales agent or office of a project and did not have a business conflict
The information reported, in principle, should be based full-time sales staff, agents exit. If special circumstances should be marketing
Center, according to the project as the ability to arbitration.
(7) agent expires, if you have to renew, apply by agents, the company assessment, made to sign agreements
Proposed views.