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Test bench
Price:Explosion-proof cabinet
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  All the main materials of the whole steel laboratory bench (except the table top) are made of cold-rolled steel plates with a thickness of over 1.0mm, which are formed by bending, punching, overlapping welding and other technological mechanisms. After the treatment of pickling, neutralization, phosphating, polishing, and then high quality epoxy powder coating, rust and corrosion prevention. The whole steel structure experimental furniture has the characteristics of durability and super load-bearing. < / FONT > < / P >

  standard specification: L*D1500*H850mm(can be customized according to the size on the spot)

  1) surface: laboratory special surface of solid core physical and chemical board/viesen physical and chemical board/epoxy resin board/qianxi board/ceramic board/marble, with double-layer edge thickening, with acid and alkali corrosion resistance, bacteria-inhibiting, easy to clean and other characteristics. < / FONT > < / P >

  2) frame frame: the cabinet body adopts 1.0mm cold-rolled steel plate to be formed in one piece through the mold, through the process flow of plate cutting, grooving, bending and forming, and then adopts fixture assembly. The whole process is completed with precision equipment, and all exposed welds are elaborately polished, smooth and not hurting hands. It is equipped with front and rear columns and reinforcing bars to increase the bearing capacity and impact resistance of the cabinet. < / FONT > < / P >

  Cabinet body: each spare part is made of cold-rolled steel plate with different thickness according to its bearing weight. The surface is acid-washed, phosphated, and sprayed with uniform grey-white epoxy. It is beautiful and elegant. < / FONT > < / P >

  4) door panel and drawer panel: both inside and outside of the double-layer structure, the drawer for cold rolled steel plate bending one, strong support capacity, sealing plate bending through the drilling tail screw connected to the outside of the drawer panel, the appearance is one, the whole beautiful and generous. < / FONT > < / P >

  Cabinet bottom plate: cold-rolled steel plate is bent into one shape, and reinforcement is added to strengthen its load-bearing capacity and prevent deformation of the laminate.

  6) hinged chain : 175° full open hinge, anti-corrosion, no noise, no rebound, good strength, no break, long service life, etc. < / FONT > < / P >

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