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Membrane under the rotation of liquid based cytology tableting machines
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l. large-screen LCD synchronization process equipment operation.
2.?No separate mixing device, the sample directly on the machine, single production time of 2 minutes at one go. Multi-mode selection, can be cervical cells, pleural effusion, tracheal fluid, sputum and other liquid-based cell production.
3 transfer process to increase self-balancing membrane repair function plane, without missing diseased cells. Automatic processing using floating magnetic suspension cell samples, sample homogenized at the same time cell collection.
4 evenly spaced thin smears, effectively remove mucus, red blood cells and other impurities, a comprehensive collection of diagnostic cells, read the piece easy to understand.
5 points of the production control parameters can be open to pre-tune the smart, easy according to one kind of difference, the way different modes to get the best results.
6 two-way transfer of international new secondary suspension hanging Xiazuo extraction.
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