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NP-Q2-type tissue slices
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Maker:Xiaogan Nuopu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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machine technology in the process and even the use of international advanced design concepts, even the core components are imported, regardless of their performance or appearance, even as a classic model, is the histological clinical biological product of choice.

Key Features:
1 body structure streamlined appearance and ergonomic design, reduced user fatigue due to prolonged use.
2 the sample clip can be any lock, to ensure a good slice angle specimens. Micro 360 ° into any operator can lock the wheel, more secure.
3 liter sample quickly reduced, enabling quick sample of the match with the blade, improve work efficiency.
4 sample clip interchangeable according to user needs (screws and retainer type type).
5 molded waste tank; easy to clean.
6.E-type and N-type knife blade knife blades can be adjusted with three-dimensional movement, optional replacement, (E-type tool holder with the Leica Universal).

Technical parameters:
1 Maximum sample size: 60 × 50mm / 60 × 40mm
2 slices Baidu range: 1 ~ 60μm increments of 1μm
3 sample level shift: 45mm
4 sample vertical shift: 60mm
5 samples back to the bit: 0 ~ 33mm
6 Overall size: 500 × 460 × 300 Q2
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