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Pathologic Graph-Text Work Station
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workstation graphics pathology, is NP-PIS2000 pathology information management system as part of its stand-alone and network versions are two types of patient information can be stand-alone version of the registration, query, statistics, archiving, high-resolution high-definition images collection with a variety of editing, the standard report format graphic print archiving and transmission; the workstation can also be personalized operation, storage capacity, query tuning convenience, storage, permanent, low-cost, widely used in clinical.

1 supports digital and analog acquisition in two ways (the optional hardware based on user requirements).
2 back-end support for image correction, brightness, contrast, hue, angle, RGB, and so adjust the image shrink into place.
3 supports keyboard, mouse, and foot-image acquisition mode.
4 provides the image editing features (length, area, angle measurement and and mark).
5 built-in diagnosis of a large number of editable templates. (Graphic and pathology of liquid based cytology, etc.)
6 support the physical examination or diagnostic group, the volume of information input and the corresponding volume image capture.
7 cases of auto-save and backup register, ensure that the information will never be lost. Can, according to name, pathology number, date, or combination of diagnostic information for the query, automatically generate and print monthly statistical report functions.
8 particles can be accurately carried out automatically, immunohistochemistry and molecular hybridization, nuclear cytoplasm ratio, AgNOR, DNA analysis, apoptosis, lymphocyte subsets, glomerular and other analysis.
9 A variety of expansion interfaces (remote consultation network hardware to support the functional requirements only)
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