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NP-TK Series Biological Tissue Fast Dehydrator
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device uses ultrasound technology to biological tissue in 20 minutes to complete fixation, dehydration, wax dip the whole process (the effect is close to conventional dehydration). The work is simple, low energy consumption, processing time is short, widely used in various types of biological tissue research institutions (similar to the clinical efficiency of frozen section machine).

1 four hole three ultrasound design, and independent control of each ultrasonic head is adjustable to meet the user different samples of the classification.
2?special timing alarm function, makes the operation more simple.
3 water bath temperature feature allows samples heated at different temperatures for rapid processing.
4 condensate recovery technology, so that all volatile gas does not leak, condensation can be directly recycled, environmentally friendly.
5 time and temperature can be any editing, real-time display of status.
6 LCD display, ATM-style operation, real-time independent setting, control, testing, showing the position of the ultrasonic parameters of state.
Technical parameters:
1 Timing range: 0 to 99 hours 99 minutes set arbitrarily
2?Temperature: room temperature ~ 99 ℃ adjustable
3 Ultrasonic frequency: 0 ~ 0.24MHz adjustable
4 Power Supply: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz
5 Power: ≤ 460W
6 Size: 450mm × 420mm × 250mm
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