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Chinese Medical Association pathologist introduce branch

Pathologist Association

    Chinese Medical Association pathologist Branch (Chinese Pathologist Association), is currently in China for the national non-profit nature of the pathologist's authoritative industry organizations. Association in April 2006 approved the establishment by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Chinese Medical Association (click to enter) and two specialist branches. Association has two main missions: first, to promote industry self-regulation pathologist and practicing physicians to improve the level of the industry; second is to improve, develop, protect the pathologist in the medical profession and social status and rights.

Industry self-regulation in promoting and improving the pathologist practice physician level, we will assist health administrative department of China's industry standards of practice pathologists. Authority of a professional certification examination system; establishment of a "hospital pathologists' training standards and systems; establish and monitor standards of China and the level of clinical diagnostic pathology; development of professional training courses for physicians to practice the level of lifelong education. Making China the professional skills of the pathologist to reach the international advanced level.

To improve, develop and protect the status and rights of the pathologist, we will investigate the situation of China's professional pathologist to determine the positioning of Pathology, the pathologist in its practice from the systems and mechanisms are legally entitled to legal rights. By strengthening the pathologist with the Government, the link between hospitals and patients to improve community awareness of the pathology disciplines.

Chinese Medical Association pathologist branch elected by more than seventy experts as the name of Pathology Association members. Branch members to implement seat system, most of them for domestic and hospitals of the Department of Pathology, provinces, municipalities are working backbone of the Department of Pathology, management or business leaders, with nationally recognized senior professional titles, are Pathology professionals involved in clinical care, teaching and research, there are certain achievements in the professional and achievements, good ethical practice, both with industry experts in pathology appeal.

Association meets once a year in China pathologist will, and there are plans to hold various forms of industry management, rights and self-discipline, expertise, and international academic exchanges, seminars, workshops and refresher courses. Also, business consulting services will be introduced to promote new technologies, new results, for the majority of pathologists, specialists, health care enterprises, research units and a bridge between the government and fast, and enhance the level of China pathologist and status. Promote China's pathology disciplines.

Chinese Medical Association pathologist Branch's mission is: "people" oriented, self-discipline, rights.
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