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The development of domestic medical devices meet five-second opportunity to purchase priority
    In the recently held "Medical Device Industry Development Forum", the Ministry of Health Planning and Finance Deputy Director Liu Diankui said, "five" strong support during the development of domestic medical equipment, the implementation of centralized bidding and procurement, preferential purchasing domestic medical equipment. Liu Diankui also said that health care reform for the domestic medical device industry, provides unprecedented opportunities and broad space for development, "second five" during the economic means to effectively guide the medical use of domestic medical equipment.

Primary health care sector market space

According to reports from 2012 to 2015, central government will consider supporting primary health care institutions with basic equipment, provincial and county levels to enhance CDC test capacity building, institution-building in public health prevention and control of occupational health institution-building, and equipped with necessary equipment; here, will continue to improve rural emergency system, ambulance and first aid equipment will be necessary to gradually increase; provincial and county levels in maternal and child health agencies gynecological treatment, breast transillumination infrared instrument, the fetus ECG and semi-automatic biochemical analyzer expected to become equipped with focus; primary care health education and health institutions have also been included in the central device configuration content to consider the project, health personnel training base equipment building are also taken into account.

Meanwhile, the central will also consider supporting the national, provincial health center construction and support with advanced diagnostic equipment, clinical focus on providing specialist equipment to support the construction and building national, provincial and municipal levels of health information platform.

Liu Diankui noted that the current Ministry of Health's centralized procurement projects, the successful devices are made mainly in the development of primary health care sector equipment investment in equipment configuration standards and arrangements, it will adhere to the relatively low domestic prices as a basis for estimates of medical equipment to promote priority over domestic medical equipment procurement. In 2011, total investment in the rural emergency system $ 720 million general practitioner training bases invested 500 million yuan, food safety risk monitoring system investment of 100 million, with related equipment used.

Still imported equipment market advantage

China's medical device market is huge. Chinese Medicines and Health Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, medical director of Caitian Zhi said that the current medical device market in China involving a total of 1708 state-owned enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises 4875, 18,022 private enterprises. Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Beijing and Zhejiang is China's medical device trade concentration, the five provinces of China's medical equipment accounted for 70% or more than trade.

However, compared with foreign medical device companies, medical device domestic enterprises are still weak. January-April 2011, China's high share of imports of medical equipment to high-end products mainly. For CT equipment, for example, in 2010 GE, Siemens, Philips, Toshiba, Neusoft and five companies account for the domestic market share up to 92%; MRI equipment, GE, Siemens, Philips three occupy more than 50% domestic market share .

Cai Tianzhi introduced in 2010, China's medical imaging equipment market, sales volume reached 23.4 billion yuan, the scale of home medical equipment up to 27 billion in vitro diagnostics market size $ 15 billion, in addition, cardiac pacemakers, orthopedic implants medical devices, foreign companies accounted for the major markets.
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